What does a Baroque Oboe look and sound like? Baroque Oboe Reed. (Reed not included) $35.00 × Rush Order - Only ONE Necessary per order. Oboe reeds shop - EG-REEDS. We at Oboe-Shop.de are still working and send packages every day. Oboe Reeds; English Horn and Baroque Oboe Reeds; Oboe d'Amore Reeds; Oboe Accessories; Oboe Reed Books; Reedmaker Shirts; Online Lessons; Learn More . Toggle navigation (410)-268-3996; Home; Shop . 32,90€ Baroque oboe d'Amore reed: Gabriel 27,29€ Cor anglais reed: Koje Reeds, How Keen Yong 32,07€ Reed for bass oboe: Tatsumiya 30,13€ Baroque oboe reed: Gabriel 27,29€ Cor anglais reed: Thamar 33,05€ Baroque oboe reed: Valero 1 25,35€ Shopping Cart. Oboe reeds, English horn reeds, Baroque oboe reeds, Oboe d'amore reeds, gouged cane, shaped cane, oboes and accessories. IonaReed Baroque Oboe Reeds are of a professional quality and are fully customisable unlike many other reeds on the market. 0 items: New Products. baroque oboe reeds oboe d'amore reeds oboe da caccia reeds classical oboe reeds Pay me via Paypal. This is a great solution for Baroque Oboe. Baroque oboe d'Amore reed: Jeanine Krause. Baroque oboe reed: Jeanine Krause. Hand finished and using a slightly adapted Steve Hammer 1 shape (Chiarugi), this reed has a stable yet flexible feel because it is fully played-in and thoroughly tuned with pure intervals using a reference of A = 415 Hz in all keys up to three flats and three sharps. Purchase Baroque Reeds to put on this bottom staple. 32,90€ Oboe da caccia reed: Jeanine Krause. 1 talking about this. FAQs; Reedmaker Videos; Reedmaker Photos; Audio Recordings ; Mr. Willingham's Biography; Oboe … Baroque Oboe Reeds. The cane used is Glotin and the shape is the highly popular H82. Baroque Reed requirements can vary a lot depending on the model of oboe you have, so a bespoke reed will be needed in all cases. I provide quality Oboe, English Horn and Oboe d’Amore Reeds to the Professional and Student oboist. $27.00 × Baroque Bottom Staple. Baroque Reeds delivers cane, reeds and reed making supplies all over the world. Baroque oboe, Reeds, Baroque oboe reed Valero 1, Baroque oboe reed Valero 2, Baroque oboe reed Gabriel, Baroque oboe reed Jeanine Krause. Thanks. Some countries put restictions to the postal service. Corona challenges all of us. Quality Cane tied on your staple. Easily pay me via PayPal As a professional recorder player and pedagogue I studied at the renowned University of Mozarteum in Salzburg and the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität Vienna. 2 Piece Reeds - For Oboes with a Crook. 32,90 € * per piece. Under Corona-Updates you find information about contraints of postal service to your country. Please contact me before ordering.

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