large variety of otherr microbes, all of which compete for the active carbon. production of Azotobacter on a large scale. Azotobacter spp.,are sensitive to acidic pH, before earthing up 5-6 kg of biofertilizer per acre is applied by mixing with compost or soil. This method is mostly used for fruit crops, sugarcane, and trees. broth is mixed with liquite and inoculant so prepared is used to inoculate the seeds. bacteria includes encapsulated forms and have enhanced resistant to heat, desication and soil around the seedlings or trees. Of these, Azotobacter is one of the most extensively studied plant growth-promoting microorganisms because its inoculation benefits a wide variety of crops. The There are some micro-organism which stimulate the organism is aerobic in nature, requires oxygen for its growth. Pressure for 30 minutes. If one knows this proportion then take a definite quantity of seed to be inoculated. The Asia-Pacific market will register the highest growth upto 2020 in consideration to the significant increase in the awareness level in consumers for health and wellness and increasing demand for healthy and clean label food in the region. Azotobacter population and hence nitrogen fixation process is hampered. However, some prokaryotes, like the free-living Azotobacter and the legume plant symbiont Rhizobium, are able to use it by a process called nitrogen fixation. If biofertilizer is stored at 15-20 0C then it will remain effective for 6 months. The lignite comes in clouds and hence it is ground in fine powder by grinding machine. Plastic bags are properly. possess peritrichous flegella and are used as locomotive organs. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. %PDF-1.3 The young rod-shaped cells vary from 2.0-7.0 to 1.0-2.5 μm and occasionally an adult cell may increase up to 10-12 μm, and be oval, spherical or rod-shaped cells. In this regard, diazotrophs like Rhizobium, Azotobacter and Azospirillum are important as they enrich nitrogen nutrition in N-deficient soils. Azotobacter can grow well on simple N-free nutrient medium containing phosphate, magnesium, calcium, molybdenum, iron and carbon sources. Out of these carriers lignite is most suitable for this organism, since it is cheaper, keeps organism living for longer period and does not lower the quality of bio-fertilizers. conditions or in refrigerator. The flasks are transferred to shaker and shaking is done for 72-90 hours so as to get optimum growth of bacteria in broth. In order to get an optimum growth of the Azotobacter required temperature and oxygen supply is adjusted so that concentrated broth is made. %(F��pj��-�x�IBy���A�������B�)�D��VX ���f�Ն Azotobacter. Efficient strains are Plants are watered as and when required and allowed to grow for about If biofertilizer is used immediately then bags are stored in cool place otherwise they should be stored in cold storage in order to keep biofertilizer in good quality. This concentrated broth of the culture is then mixed with a carrier previously sterilized and bio-fertilizers are prepared. Azotobacter. The results of these experiments indicate that benefits obtained from inoculation of seeds Field experiments conducted in Russia with Azotobacter as a When Azotobacter is applied to seeds, seed germination is improved to a considerable extent. adverse conditions. In this method, seedlings required for one acre are inoculated using 4-5 packets (2-2.5 kg). This slurry is uniformly applied to seed, seed is then dried in shed and sown. Potato tubers are dipped in the mixture of biofertilizer and planting is done. In particular, determination of the constitution and behavior of this organism's branched respiratory chain has contributed to the understanding of how respiration controls nitrogen fixation.

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