[FN269] The Animal Welfare Approved certification program conducts annual audits and issues certificates to producers who meet standards developed by Animal Welfare Approved. We're the first farmers they agreed to sponsor a campaign for so  make sure to check out: https://give.agreenerworld.org/fundraiser/2734376 and please share this with all who might support our efforts. About UsCommon QuestionsPrivacyContact Us. Most of New Zealand's egg production comes from caged hens although more and more farmers are switching to other methods. We are ready to make this happen, will you help? High quality, nutrition proteins are a big need for our Fruit Valley families. Demand for Animal Welfare Approved products is rapidly increasing, as evidenced by the enormous number of hits on our Online Restaurant, Product and Farm Directory.” The cartons are made of 100 percent reclaimed paper and the design conveys the message that the eggs within came from hens living on pasture. Guarantees animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range for their entire lives on an independent farm using sustainable, higher-welfare practices. In fact, last week California passed a ballot measure for cage-free eggs with 61% of the vote, a rare level of agreement in these divided times. At Jamie Oliver, whether it’s for our restaurants, our shops or our branded products, we only use higher-welfare barn, free-range or organic eggs. “That is a very positive thing,” explains Douglass. The only grassfed welfare label. The ones we know and trust include Freedom Food, Soil Association, RSPCA Approved, Certified Humane and Animal Welfare Approved. All The Ultimate Egg and Poultry Company's sites are independently audited once a year, in addition to unannounced audits, to ensure these standards are being met. ©2006-2020 | April Joy Farm |All Rights ReservedDesigned by SMCo. As the number of consumers concerned about animal welfare grows, such labels, or seals, as they are known in the business, are spreading like kudzu on packages of meat and eggs … To be accredited by the SPCA, all of The Ultimate Egg and Poultry Company's sites must meet the organisation's SPCA Blue Tick® Standards. In 2014 we received The Good Egg Award as official recognition of our standards of purchasing from Compassion … The Ultimate Egg and Poultry Company is one of the few suppliers of SPCA approved eggs (SPCA Blue Tick® approved eggs) in New Zealand, so if you buy your eggs from our farms, you know you are getting quality free range or barn laid eggs from hens that are cared to high animal welfare standards. With a reliable and quick distribution system, The Ultimate Egg and Poultry Company can supply the, Page: SPCA approved eggs NZ, certified humane eggs New Zealand - Last updated: 27th November, 2020, Producers and distributors of high quality free range and barnlaid eggs produced to SPCA Blue Tick® high animal welfare standards, To help prevent spam, please enter the word ". Eggs and animal welfare. [FN268] The Animal Welfare Institute administers the Animal Welfare Approved program. By meeting the SPCA's Blue Tick® standards, all sites used by The Ultimate Egg and Poultry Company also exceed all the points listed in the Animal Welfare Act 2012. Below is a list of farms that are certified by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA), Certified Humane (CH), or Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Steps 2 and above. April Joy Farm has been certified Animal Welfare Approved for over a decade and we are never more proud of that fact than today. Except for “certified organic,” the U.S. government does not set definitions or requirements for egg carton labels. Read the AWA standards and FAQ; Apply for certification; Find certified farms and products; Questions? Recognized by Consumer Reports as the only “highly meaningful” label for farm animal welfare, outdoor access and sustainability. A guide to egg labels. Cage laid eggs come from hens that are kept in cramped cages and often live in artificially controlled conditions with low lighting and no scratching or proper nesting areas. https://give.agreenerworld.org/fundraiser/2734376. When a product shows the basic GAP label without a number, look for separate language on the package identifying the product’s step level. Americans care about farmed animal welfare. The Ultimate Egg and Poultry Company can supply wholesale free range eggs or barn laid eggs for your cafe, restaurant, supermarket or food store which you can assure to your customers are produced to SPCA Blue Tick® high animal welfare standards in conditions that exceed welfare standards. Certified Humane products come from animals who are not overcrowded in confinement systems (like cages for egg-laying hens). Every farm is audited. Slaughter plants must also be formally approved by AWA. The Ultimate Egg and Poultry Company is one of the few suppliers of SPCA approved eggs (SPCA Blue Tick® approved eggs) in New Zealand, so if you buy your eggs from our farms, you know you are getting quality free range or barn laid eggs from hens that are cared to high animal welfare standards.
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