, C        C     C#  D# G#GFD# C   C     C A#, C   C      C      C        D# C#  C C     A#, F         D#  C# G#G     F      D#    C#   C     A#, A              B   B  B    B   B       A        G           G, A        B     B   B    B     B     A     G     G     E, A            B  B       B       B    B  A  G      G, A        B  C2  B G      G        C2      C2  B    G, E2        D2C2        B       B  A   G     A, B           B        A        A   A     G     A A, B            B     A     A     A   G  A    A, B         B    C2 D2 G2F2#E2D2 B   B      B A, A         B B      B     B A     B    A   G    G, B   B       B      B        D2C2      B      B   A G   GE, D2          B     B     G     D2       B      B, E        D2    B   B     A      A    B   A      B      E, E2      D2   B G2 F2#  E2    D2    C2    B      A. Disclaimer: All music audio and lyrics are property and copyright of their respective owners. thnx a lot for all the hard work and the pain you had to go through. but i dont understand, is this flute notes? Can you change it to a sheet rather than this way? It is flute notes- You should learn how to play flats and sharps notes on your flute. THIS THING IS SO BAD THEY MESS UP WHERE SLURS AREBUT THE SONG ITSELF IS GOOD. Print and download All of Me - C Instrument sheet music by John Legend arranged for Violin or Oboe or Flute or Recorder. Hope you will teach me where I can see the notes. Reply. If you are a "pro" you should be able to figure it out. :D, YES SOMEONE POSTED THIS MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED WOOHOO. John Legend does have some beautiful songs. 2 available keys. based on 5 customer reviews, All of Me - Piano Accompaniment (John Legend). Includes 1 print + interactive copy with lifetime access in our free apps. Hope this helps. It will help in keeping this site alive and updated. I'm so glad you can use this website during this time! Info: "Paubaya" is a song by a Filipina singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre. Delete. Thank you Kaylln so much for taking your time to make this wonderful website and helping many, many flutists of all ages in so many different ways. Download millions of free sheet music collections inside our online music sheets library, discover your favorit song digital music sheet in PDF with various difficulties, from easy to expert. PDF Download Play Along Video Notes. I love this song, but it is hard to play this way. After gaining the hang of it however, I could play it. I love this song and how it can emotionally move you in any direction. It's so much fun to just sit down with my flute and play all the songs that I love! She's quite fine with playing piano so when she hears a song she can tell the time and add in the chords. Destiny April 19, 2014 at 10:37 PM. I think it would be more efficient with the staff still.. Aww thanks! 0 I know it'd be hard because of the rap but the chorus is great and I'm sure someone can figure it out. Legend co-wrote the song with Toby Gad and co-produced it with Dave Tozer. We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together. C: And for beginners, the D flat is played with only your pinkie (It's the last button at the bottom). Lyrics and Notes for Lyre, Violin, Recorder, Kalimba, Flute, etc. The arrangement is amazing as well. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. These notes can be used to play the song of many instruments including the flute, keyboard, recorder, piano and musical keyboard. Print and download All of Me - Flute Duet sheet music by John Legend arranged for Flute 1 or Flute 2. You just have to find out whether it is a whole note, half note, quarter, ect. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in This is not mandatory. Instrumental Duet in D Minor. omg best song ever!!!! Considering most of us are at home because of COVID-19 and its good for people who love music and want to play while at home. Mellow and contemplative, Sweat$ affirms ... Info: "Ikaw At Ako" is a song by Moira Dela Torre together with her now-husband Jason Marvin. all the time !!! All that I can see is a plain white freaking screen. All of Me - C Instrument by John Legend - Digital Sheet Music. July 2020. | music notes for newbies: This Is Me – The Greatest Showman. All of Me - Sheet Music. Labels: Free Sheet Music. It is flute notes- You should learn how to play flats and sharps notes on your flute.

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