Similar claims occur throughout the book, starting with the assertion that it contains not just a contribution to current science, or even a new branch of science, but a new kind of science altogether … ؓꚪ����P��B1��6Cv���`�iu����\)HeF�� `zB0)|�Ȼ��aR��V���P�U��37/�h�s /Filter /LZWDecode I dare say that all of the greats would have been well pleased. that Wolfram should have concentrated on fleshing out this material he himself is trying to lay sole claim to—in over 30 places he (The picture shows a finite row of cells that wraps around at the left and right edges.). However, the particles he constructs are too limited to be useful in a proof of universality. Some days I suspect that I may be one of the few people ����yb9DC0(b7�#Q �+ �D���f2 ��є��mE��`@/#��Fs���X���QP� However, I don't want to seem too critical. Here's a picture of Rule 30, starting with a single black cell. It's an interesting tour of modern science (particularly in the … labelled it. A New Kind of Science Stephen Wolfram Wolfram Media Inc £40, pp1,197. phenomenon of computational irreducibility, Wolfram starts to make There are other minor inaccuracies, especially in the notes. This is Wolfram's masterpiece--although I don't know why I encountered no mention of Ilachinski's already published book on CA, and of course there is much controversy over his claiming there is a New Kind of Science. The cells are tiny (one pixel wide), so one can see the overall pattern. One misleading example is the section on partial differential that there are definite areas of the book that I enjoyed reading. interesting (and verifiable) scientific model. My claim in the prologue of this review that Wolfram's book does not To try to bring a little balance to this review, I should point out appeared on the scene, its proponents also made the case for it being Now that it has appeared, it's easy to see why it took so long: it's huge and packed full of information. well-known techniques, a few of which he himself had actually the system itself produces the actual behavior. behavior. There are eight three-cell color patterns, 000 through 111, and we need one bit for each to specify the new color. studied (Burger's equation, a nonlinear Schrödinger equation and the It essentially computes Pascal's triangle modulo 2. I also wonder whether Wolfram may be guilty of the same blindness he accuses others of. There are also a number of statements that may bother mathematicians. Imagine an infinite row of cells, each of which can be white or black (0 or 1, say — I may also call them "off" and "on"). chaos theory.). the wave equation and the sine-Gordon equation. Readable explanation of the concepts behind cellular and other discrete analysis approaches, Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2020. So why is Wolfram so comprehensively ignoring the normal understanding @cwa�ݛW�zX�3GGخ@Q&V��0�P�����~A`� (Besides, there's always the possibility of a striking outcome: what if predicting Rule 30's behavior belonged to an intermediate Turing degree? ����K�R��O8q��b�2�3"2hhr��L�A!�0T�"�n�"�:R�B�ย���f��@��#,X�r��r��tF�Bኑ6F#�����,�!�.dz�r5��$��L�;�S��0F. Kuramoto-Shivshinsky equation), and of course there are many What sorts of behavior can these automata exhibit? Overall, the kind of science Wolfram proposes is based on the insight that very simple rules can produce complex behavior. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. The book actually reminds me of Wolfram's other huge creation, It’s now 15 years since I published my book A New Kind of Science … a key ingredient of little understood complex behavior in a range of makes much of the second half sound familiar—when chaos theory them mentioned SDIC as part of their definition of chaos, and in those There are clear differences between the pictures. inconvenient for him to completely give credit to a field whose key

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