This was because, I had chosen to film in the mid morning at around 3:00 , so as it got closer to the evening , the lighting got duller and the shots had less contrast in them. Before the cast was ready, I went upstairs to set up the camera on the tripod. It was pretty hard to film because of lighting issues. Create a free website or blog at Group Roles: Co-Leader, Camera Woman and Editor, Studying: A-Level: Media Studies, English Language and Business, Future Career Aspirations: To work in the field of Criminology, Group Roles: Co-Leader, Co-Director and Editor, Studying: A-Level: Media Studies, Psychology and Biology. This track would be put over the original Audi, so the sound would be so much clearer. My short film contains an interrogation scene where the protagonists are sitting behind a table. But it is not possible to do that due to all the lighting and other professional equipment that is needed which is very expensive and not that easily affordable. and also the sunlight kept hitting my face so I couldn’t see what I was filming. The filming conditions were a little uncomfortable because it was in the mid afternoon and the fan was not switched on. One misjudgement I had made was the camera battery. Jaye Norris. So I made sure that the table was shown in the center of the frame. I used this same app last year, so I was quite familiar with all tha concepts , but I wanted to study more into the lighting and colour correction aspect of editing since my film needed a lot of editing on those aspects. This was a huge issue that affected the whole film because, in some scenes the speaking g volume was so high that it distracted from the transitioning effect into the next scene. In total I filmed for three hours, from three to six PM. Welcome to my A-Level Media Studies blog. I had the opportunity to add 2 versions of subtitles … I got to experiment with using 50+ shots for one media product, as opposed to last year where there were less than 15-20 shots. This is why analyzing this will give a greater understanding to in relation to the short film I will be producing. It makes the audience confused as to what he is doing at first, but there is clear understanding later on in the film. This film has a bit of action and mystery. This room was chosen because of the glass doors that completely occupy one side of the wall including the door, which made it look look like an actual interrogation room. This scene is an interrogation scene. Blog. and what I learned from this experience is that it is good to explore different filming locations and explore what I can create visually out of it. The… It seems like her motive was to steal a car so she can get home. But later I trimmed the shots to only specific scenes I needed , and that reduced the time of the video to 4 min and 30 sec. This location was in my grandparents house. Each of these scenes is 20 sec long, a still frame and a medium shot. the man on the other hand looks very suspicious. This was done to make sure that all the senes had continuity in them. This analysis will help me produce and incorporate more movement shots to make it more lively and interesting. A level blog. And lastly, for the beginning credit scenes , the name of my productio which is ‘soundspace productions’ was mentioned including the title of the film ‘The 12o’clock confession’. This problem had become worse as the day came to an end. This lesson is about key terminology and analysis of Zoella, … Throughout the course of the day, I have learned from my mistakes. Welcome to my A Level Media Studies blog. The color and theme is basically a very dark room and the wooden figure is also brown, so they are all dark tones. This music gets louder and louder until it comes to a pause. This shooting almost took till 7:00 in the evening to complete. November series update NEA will not be available in the November series and therefore assessment will only be via the externally set and marked examination, as per Ofqual’s consultation decision report. We have certified the trailer as a 12A. MrsCloseMedia a level, AS Level, Media Studies February 18, 2018 1 Minute Half term has come and sadly gone, so I’m back to planning lessons for the Online Section of Component 2 at A Level. The next aspect of editing was the sound. This clip included, the name of the production ,my name and cast and director , sounds editor. The genre is thriller as it says in the title. The room was too dark closed all the windows and even with open windows. Conclusion: What I learnt from the experience is that, it is good to try multiple times before getting the final product correct. her character seems to be a bit odd, out of place and a bit sad and nervous. Future Career Aspirations: To work in an aspect of the Media. I had to keep adjusting it ti make it leveled which added extra time to filming. so to show this creepy guy look, he wore a hoodie and and jacket, both black . In the box – animation short film analysis. But the cast cooperated with me and clearly understood the scenes, the that was not problem, and i’m extremely thankful to them. Today , I shot in two locations :- one is on the front porch of the house and on a land area(which is currently used for building houses)which has roads all around with absolutely no houses near by. the costume of the female protagonist is a bit of a country side girl with a blue jean jacket and braided hair. Firstly, I added a rating from Empire magazine to help entice my target audience; I did this by making the star shape and copying and pasting them one by one next to each other, I then wrote the quote and ‘Empire’ in black. Comparing last year (AS Level) to this year, my editing skillset has improved vastly. The shots have a lot of symmetry. So I decided that I would invite the cast again to record a voiceover track. She is seen roaming by her self in the street which is practically deserted. A LEVEL MEDIA STUDIES BLOG. Age: 17. Today ,I focused mainly on the finishing aspect of the film ,such as colour correcting, sound editing and starting and end credits. Here you will find the Plot Synopsis for the trailer Young Girls: Young Girls Trailer Synopsis, 10 Things I Hate About You Trailer Deconstruction, Codes and Conventions of the Chick Flick genre, Silence of The Lambs Poster Deconstruction, Legally Blonde Film Poster Deconstruction, 10 Things I Hate About You Poster Deconstruction, Secondary Focus Groups For The Thriller Genre, Certification and Target Audience for Trailer. A-level MEDIA STUDIES. The still frames were chosen then the individual in the car rolled down the window. Each of the cast was supposed to sit at a table and answer questions that the police were asking. So I used a series of still frames from different angles so the audience can focus on what they are saying. When ever he gets an idea and starts portraying it, a creepy piano music is played. This is my A level Media Studies Blog of which my coursework and research will be presented to co-inside with my exam. During the still frame shots , he is either standing in one place thinking of how to get out or he is pacing around the room. All the shots looked like it was filmed in an police station and it looked believable, except for the waiting room scene. But the end product was wonderful. She didn’t hesitate much when getting into the strangers car, even though she had a clear chance to escape the situation. Group Roles: Leader, Director and Main Editor. It became extremely dark that the footage was very grainy. So I had to think of other ways in which I can make it look like it was a scene that was taken at the night time. I had to keep charging it over and over again , because I kept it switched on for the whole two three hours that, the battery life had become very low. The cast learnt the dialogues really fast, so that was convenient. The media studies team at Beaconhouse Liberty Campus consists of budding writers, actresses, and aspiring artists aiming to leave their mark upon the world, who take their work ethic pretty seriously but never fail to indulge in some serious fun. I wanted the room to be dark and boring according to the context, but during the test shots there were some lighting issues. This was an improvised scene and it was not part of the storyboard but, I chose to add an extra scene, to make sence of the scene and to establish a continuation to the next scene. we can sense danger from the moment we saw him. The sound before the end credits, slowly faded into a mute , as the film came to an end. But I also wish that I had dome more angles and shots in these scenes. There was a charger near by so it was convenient. Overall, I have never filmed scene complicated scene outdoors, so it was quite a challenge. This was to show the movement of the car through the driveway. To tackle this issue, I spent a lot of time colour correcting each scene. In the end, when the car drives of in a weird pattern she gets out of the car and pulls out the man from the opposite seat and takes the car to her self and drives off by her self. They mostly used natural day light , whose source is the bright sun, during mid morning. Then I showed this rough draft to my family members. Future Career Aspirations: To work in an aspect of the Media.

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