I've always been told not to talk about politics and religion in social settings, but those are the exact conversations I enjoy the most. In This Country Lord Ganesha also took milk! before reading your #@@g #@# stories like pagavath geethai go & learn basic common sense…. 5 headed snakes - how the people are fooled using technology I was so surprised to see this picture when a friend of mine sent it to me. The package will give you a assessment report, check it out by yourself. its a snake idol. where u are trying to make us fools, Its a hoax. 5. *Construction loans. Just like due to genetic impairments 2 headed people get born, multiheaded snakes can also be born. i m sure abut this. Is d snake just yawn? On each run I happened to jog past a hooker (prostitute) standing on the same... 5 headed snakes - how the people are fooled using technology. Samantha Fox – BTW @Vani, I am just curious … I noticed there are many Multi-heads (or Multi-Arms) Holy Being (Deities) in certain faith such as Hinduism … Q: What is the significance of having “Multiple” Heads or Arms? Hassan: around 110 Km No answer necessary though ..Apr 2 Ph : 08257-281336 To those Who had modified the single headed snake into 5 using photoshop . I'm sure it will be surprising to most of you as much as myself, to see such a rare species still being alive. If one heads thinks to bite me, will the other say no? the two snakes are different in vision i think its a graphical work. ... “If my children are competent, they don’t need my money. .diz snake blvin by tamil ppls m0stly nagorkovil district. neither ‘yes’ mor ‘no’). I didnt heard abt this type of Snake. i think its not a real snake . Very Rare Photos-Railway Line Construction in Ceyl... Onagofly is a follow-me nano drone that you'll actually be able to fly soon, The war on sugar: 'Children should consume fewer than 6 teaspoons daily', Syria Jarablus: Turkish tanks roll into northern Syria. So how did you find in kukke? Ali Hoseini Nejad – wondrous!Apr 2 2nd pic: i am confuse is that real or just fake ? Otherwise, people lose faith in Hinduism. Cloak room facility and banking facility are also available. This is true this temple is in karnataka not in tamil nadu i have visited this place and its very nice place to visit too…. 9th wonder of the world. he can create anything and destroy anything in seconds. BOO. Dave Hoffman – That’s not what I needed to see just before bed. i cant join with your comment. A five headed snake found in Kukke Subramanya, …true? Hi guys, People are using money for the click used. Any way, the person who took this photo (if it is real live snake) should contact immediately ANIMAL PLANNET and Discovery channels to tell the world INDIA is land of Gods. Kukke Subramanya lies on the bank of river Dhara. i m also afraid. excuse me do u know what a value of a good hindu? We are certified, trustworthy, reliable, efficient, Fast and dynamic for real estate and any kinds of business financing. I make loans Financial in all areas. One is a rubber snake and the other is not found in India . . and also snakes are almost connected with every hindu god ……………..i was just slow in response VANIApr 2 We believe in the existence of such beautiful creations of God. .search in google map “ambalapathi”. captured image too close, it’s illogical that someone brave enough to snap such animal’s pic just at 1st sight. i think who as taken the snap of snake he must show the place. There are two main versions of the messages that contain a different set of five-headed snake images. You can do ur own research before coming to a conclusion. one of my friend gone to that temple and clicked the same! Double bed rooms, Parking , Generator, Hot Water, 7. Master The Basics Of Adobe Photoshop! What made them think of this? Bangalore: around 350 km Ph : 08257-281283, baap re ! Kapil Dev – what is this ?Apr 2 Distances from Kukke Subrahmanya: One of the images may show a toy or model that has been staged for the photograph. *Acquisition Loans . | http://t.co/qQkjrcyV http://t.co/aM99enzR, it would have trusted if it was an original video clip because the same pic even i can create in using software’s of different types, its not yet april first to fool all of us now a days its very rare to see even a single headed cobra. 3. We can’t understand that photos created by using software or is it original… Public can comment. it is a graphicalised photo. Circulating images supposedly depict a five-headed cobra found at Kukke Subrahmanya, a Hindu temple in the Indian state of Karnataka. Definitely these two are different snake. Lord Indra was so moved by his bravery that he prayed the Lord to marry his daughter Devasena. just have patience. Hi there all the above and below friends, This is me, who created the pic of the FIVE HEAD COBRA (photo 1 & not that statue one) using Photoshop, I created this, just for fun and not to criticize any religion or their beliefs…If I did so, I apologize to everyone and THANKS A LOT for Ur appreciation for creating this photo…. Kukke is known as the land of Subrahmanya-snake where the devotees go and redeem themselves of sin committed against Cobra(Sarpa Dosha). |, A snake found near Kukke Subrahmanya with 5 heads…. The first image shown in the second example above is also clearly manipulated from a photograph of a normal one-headed cobra. Pls use for right onee.. u cant mislead religious ppl…, Hey I dont want to go to this arguments, but personally believe, We had artistic photo of snake with five head protecting lord krishna in the childhood in the water.

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