Early mid-season, 200-300 chill hours availability: 0 Login for pricing. Explanations of Chilling Hour Calculations for the Models Used. The number of chilling hours required by grapes varies among the different varieties, but most grapes only need about 150 chilling hours. Most “High Chill” varieties require: 800-1,000 Chill Hours. The chill hours for a region are below and between the line on the map and the next line down. Chill Model=Calculated using max temp of 45F and min temp of 32F, 1 unit is accumulated per each 1 hour between these two temperatures . The Flordaprince is an excellent flavored peach for very mild winter areas. Endura is susceptible to leaf rust, but does not experience leaf drop. Bonita - A 1985 release from the University of Florida which can be mechanically harvested for the fresh market. This medium sized firm yellow peach ripens in mid-May. 1 hour below 34°F = 0.0 chill unit. Cumulative Chilling Portions: Dynamic Model September 1 through August 31. It has mid-to-late maturity and thrives in central Florida. Lastly, Endura is also a low-chill cultivar, requiring 150 chilling hours. It is very beautiful inside and out, and requires 150 chill hours. initiation. 1 hour 35 - 36°F = 0.5 chill units How to calculate chilling hours The Flordabelle peach is yellow skinned and sweetly flavored with a red overlay of fuzz, and the interior delicious firmness of the flesh is yellow, aromatic and delicious to eat when picked directly off the tree in early May. Mid-late season, 300-400 chill hours Vaccinium 'Windsor' Southern Highbush Blueberry. The chill hour map seen below is a result of research done at the University of Maryland. If you want a sweet, tasty … Most “Low Chill” varieties require: 150-800 Chill Hours. This collection offers 90 days of harvest from three southern highbush blueberries with low chill requirement: 'Misty' (300 chill hours), 'Jewel' (200 chill hours) and 'Sunshine Blue' (150 chill hours). Alameda; Amador; Butte; Colusa; Contra Costa; El Dorado; Fresno; Imperial; Inyo; Kern; Kings; Lassen; Los Angeles; Madera; Marin; Mendocino; Merced; ... 150 Hours >32° and <45°F #202 Nipomo Select. The number of chill hours a fruit tree needs often appears in nursery catalogs online. Cumulative Chill Hours and Modified Chill Hours Hours below 45° F Hours between 32 F and 45° F November 1 through February 28/29. Once you have an idea of the number of chill hours in your region, you’ll know if you should select from the Northern or Southern Highbush family of varieties which are … Cumulative Chilling Hours Please select a station from the list. Burgundy’s maroon colored skin and deep red wine colored flesh have always been rated high for visual appeal and with its sweet mild flavor it scores high in our taste tests on a regular basis. Fruit ripen about three days after Climax and have good size, color, and firmness with The map is not exact, and Mother Nature can always change her mind from one year to the next, but it can be used to estimate the chill hours for your area. Utah Model= . Chill hour estimates for locations are averages; some winters can be colder or warmer than others, but the number of chill hours a particular fruit variety needs will be constant. 32 Hours <45°F 32 Hours >32° and <45°F #052 San Luis Obispo Select. These varieties have been bred for heat tolerance and low winter chilling, and are well adapted to warmer areas of the Sunbelt and the southeast. Endura has a large and firm fruit with what Williamson called an “excellent and persistent” blue color. This Japanese-type plum is rated at 150 to 300 chill hours. A low chilling requirement of 300 - 400 chill hours often results in very early flowering and susceptibility to spring freezes. This is much less than that required by other temperate fruits such as cherries or peaches which may need up to 800 hours of chilling. Vaccinium 'Sweetcrisp' Southern Highbush Blueberry. A red blush covers 80% of the skin, forming attractive dark red stripes over yellow. Early season, 150-200 chill hours availability: 0 Login for pricing. This peach tree only requires 150 chill hours to set fruit.

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