– 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract – 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon – pinch of salt – 2 tablespoons Broma . 1-MINUTE OATMEAL COOKIES : 1/2 c. peanut butter 1/2 c. milk 2 c. sugar 3 tbsp. https://www.acouplecooks.com/how-to-make-best-instant-oatmeal-recipe As a new mom I can completely relate on the lack if time. Can totally see why you’ve been eating this every day! vanilla 1/2 c. butter 3 c. oats (quick or old fashioned) Measure sugar and cocoa into a 5 quart or larger saucepan. Brynn November 17, 2014 at 9:54 am. Instructions: 1. Printer-friendly version. Instead, they are typically cut up and transformed into four more common forms of oatmeal. Combine all ingredients into a small saucepan and turn heat to medium/high – do not add Broma yet 2. Add peanut butter and milk and stir well. All forms of oats have a similar nutritional makeup, so it's just up to your preference. Mar 10, 2015 - 1 minute oatmeal bread with berries, sliced almonds, and almond butter. Home > Recipes > Cookies > 1-Minute Oatmeal Cookies. Trying that in the morning! Going to the bathroom can be a task! Stir well. Yum! https://www.eatingbirdfood.com/healthy-oatmeal-recipe-roundup Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar November 17, 2014 at 9:47 am. Reply. But they take a long time to prepare, about 45 minutes – 1 hour and they have a texture that many are not used to when they think of oatmeal. Bring to a boil. I make a similar oatmeal recipe, but I’ve never thought to add a little ginger! :) Reply. cocoa 1 tsp.

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